Larsson Rickshaw Bike v2.6 ~ Olive (Boxed) Versión 5.0

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The Larsson Rickshaw Bike is specially designed and extensively tested for enjoyable biking on SL mainland roads and even for off-road biking in surprisingly rough terrain.

And, with this bike you can take two friends along in the two up-front seats for wonderful adventure! The scripts in this bike have been developed and extensively tested for effective motion and control and region crossings and are only available in Larsson bicycles.

There are two passenger seats, each with different passenger sitting and relaxing animations. This is the new up-front style for urban rickshaws that is becoming so popular everywhere in the world.

For maximum versatility this has 18 gear speeds. The gears are set in short steps from an enjoyable lowest gear to a substantially faster highest gear, but not so fast as to be annoyingly unrealistic. You will notice that you slow down going up hills and may need to gear down. And, of course, you will gain speed going down hills. You can gear up and gear down while in motion.

As you begin moving forward you will see yourself move into a bike steering and peddling animation, and then as you return to a stop you will move to an animated stance straddling the bike ready to resume biking.

Sometimes, it is useful to "walk back" a bike to get out of a narrow spot, and so there is one walk-back or reverse gear for your SL biking convenience.

The steering has been adjusted so as to avoid quirky over sensitivity. This allows for a more normal biking feel, yet the turning radius is sharp enough so you can get out of small spaces and avoid obstacles more easily. Remember, no texting while biking.

The tendency many SL vehicles to fly or flop over has been damped in the design of this ladies bike to help you stay on the road and upright. If you should encounter an extreme bump or surprise ravine or some other unusual obstacle that topples the vehicle, just go into edit mode and turn the vehicle right side up while you are sitting in it. But, the handling of this bike has been carefully designed and tested by experienced cyclists to minimize those moments.

This bike has a resize script to fit your needs, and you can use your Quick Preferences Viewer Window to raise your hover height on the bike to your liking in relation to the seat. If you have an extreme fit problem, I will be happy to adjust your bike for you. I would also be happy to help you change the color for you. I am a full service bike dealer. However, this bike is sold as a modify product so you can change most of it to your liking, excepting the my personally designed scripts.

Now you are ready to have fun exploring the mainland roads with your new Larsson Rickshaw Bike!

To get you started, here are some landmarks to Rez Zones along mainland highways where you can rez your bike. They are all great places to begin an adventure, and you will discover other rez zones along the way on your journeys.

Once you are underway you can begin finding other new and fascinating roads and highways all over the mainland. The road ahead seems endless and there are always new buildings, and shops, and cafes, and gas stations, and vistas to discover.

Enjoy your new Larsson Ricksahw bike and discover all the richness and creativity of the SL mainland! Best wishes and have fun making deliveries everywhere vehicles are allowed.

Thanks and best wishes,


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  • Peddling leg animation with arm and body movement of bike peddling person
  • Animated stance straddling the bike when not in motion
  • 18 gears just as with popular bikes in RL
  • Carefully designed handling and stability for maximum performance and enjoyment
  • Seat two passengers, each with a different pleasing animation for touring

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