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This template is a group wiki engine using the Corrade scripted agent that allows group members to add, retrieve and search for content in group chat. The project is a branch-out of the more ample Eggdrop template that can be found at:


The wiki template supports the following operations:

* creating pages
* namespaces / sub-pages
* deleting pages
* displaying page content
* searching the entire wiki or selectively using namespaces

all the data is stored in Corrade's group database and is fully compatible with SQLite.

The template must be configured by editing the "configuration" notecard inside the primitive and then restarting all the scripts.

The template requires the following Corrade permissions to work:
* group
* talk
* database
* notifications

and the following notifications:
* group

Additionally, you must have a database configured for the group that you wish to use this template with.

The scripts are created by Wizardry and Steamworks as a demonstration of a wiki engine implemented in SecondLife using LSL and Corrade. You are free to use this script with Corrade on any grid provided you abide by the GNU/GPLv3 license (https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html).

For more information on the Corrade bot and how to get it to run, please see the documentation at:


which also includes Corrade's API.

For further help in-world, please contact: Kira Komarov



  • Complete wiki engine solution for groups.
  • Add content, remove content - supports sub-pages / namespaces.
  • Easily import or export other databases based on SQLite.
  • Built to be compatible with the latest Corrade version.

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