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Diavolo Creations has a new animated tipjar for you, but this time I did it for CLUBS, where employees need to login/logout. These are very elegant tipjars, with neon effect switching between yellow and blue. It’s only 3 prim, with copy and modify permission (except the scripts, those are only copy) and you can easily setup your jar by a notecard. Has 2 version: one with a “linden dollar” stack, the other is with a diamond. You can also choose to use the DC pluggin, which will send a chat message whenever somebody logs in, plus your employee will get a pop-up menu too with who was the tipper.

- Configured from a notecard
- Pre-settable fast pay buttons
- Tips can be split between the employee, the owner and one or more associates.
- Floating text and thank you messages are fully customizable
- Optionally give the tipper a gift when the jar is tipped. (Up to 16 gifts can be placed in the jar, in which case the gift will be chosen at random. IMPORTANT: u need to have copy & transfer rights for those gifts before you drag into the jar)
- Logged in employees can be logged out automatically when offline or out off
a predetermined range
- Tipjar can be set to only allow group members or named employees to login
- Will show pop-up menu for your employee with who was the tipper

NOTE!!!! If you are the owner of the tipjar and u log in you will get this message: XY has tipped L$20. You received L$0 - when somebody tipped u. Don't get scared, u'll get the whole amount (u can see that in ur transaction history). This calculation of the percentage works only for your employers. Example: IsisRea Diavolo has tipped L$20. You received L$15.

NOTE!!! it's colorable...so if u go to edit mode (check edit linked part) and u can select red for example

If you have questions or problems regarding Diavolo Creations product, please IM IsisRea Diavolo. To see more, just visit our mainstore inworld.

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  • Login/logout option
  • Everybody, group or list access
  • Split percentage
  • Elegant design

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