[satus Inc] Iced Tea Set

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[satus Inc] Iced Tea Set

Delicious iced tea set for your summer. The product comes with an iced tea pitcher and iced tea glass (decor and wearable version with animations). The iced tea pitcher acts as iced tea glass giver with experience setting support. All your friends can get glasses of iced tea by clicking the pitcher :) Enjoy.

[▪ ▫ FEATURES ▫ ▪]
1. 100% Mesh - Material Enabled
2. Iced Tea Glass Giver features
3. Iced Tea Pitcher and Glass included
4. Iced Tea Glass with drinking animation
5. Auto-attached experiences setting support

1. [satus Inc] Iced Tea Pitcher ~ for decor and giving iced tea glass ~ 2 LI/Prim
2. [satus Inc] Iced Tea Glass [wear] ~ wear this to drink ~ 1 LI/Prim
3. [satus Inc] Iced Tea Glass [decor] ~ for decor ~ 1 LI/Prim
4. Instruction Notecard
5. Landmark

No Modify - Copy - No Transfer

[▪ ▫ HOW TO USE? ▫ ▪]
* How to get iced tea glass?
Rez the [satus Inc] Iced Tea Pitcher. Then click on it to get the menu. Select "Get Tea" to get a glass. You will receive a dialog box asking for permission to attach to avatar. Click Yes and the iced tea glass will fly and attach to your right hand.

*Note: We have experiences setting built-in. You can take advantage of this SL feature for auto-attachment. To use Experiences, you will need to Open your Land Settings. Go to Experiences tab and add AVSitter experience to your land's Allowed Experiences. Then, next time when you get iced tea, the glass will be auto-attached to your hand.


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[satus Inc]

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  • 100% Mesh - Material Enabled
  • Iced Tea Glass Giver features
  • Iced Tea Pitcher and Glass included
  • Iced Tea Glass with drinking animation
  • Auto-attached experiences setting support

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Looks Good, Bad Anim

Publicado May 17, 2021 por Mitzi Leitner 2 estrellas

The glass doesn't attach to your bento hand, but somewhere off to the distance. When you do drink, expect the glass to go through your head. Great for decor, just don't use it.

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