[satus Inc] Smartphone Gimbal

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[satus Inc] Smartphone Gimbal - 100% Original Mesh - Material Enabled - 1 LI - Wearable & Decor versions included - 5 Original Bento Animations - 5 Phone Color & 10 Smartphone Screen Textures.

To see the material settings, shininess, and reflection, you will need to have Advanced Lightning Model & Shadows Settings enabled in your viewer. It can be done in Preferences -> Graphics. Check in the box [x] Advanced Lightning Model and Select Shadows Options as Sun/Moon + Projectors. Then Apply settings.

[▪ ▫ FEATURES ▫ ▪]
1. [satus Inc] Smartphone Gimbal ~ 1 LI
2. 5 Original Bento Animations
3. 5 Smartphone Color Options
4. 10 Smartphone Screen Textures
5. 100% Original Mesh - Material Enabled

1. [satus Inc] Smartphone Gimbal [wear/add] - 1 LI (modifiable except scripts)
2. [satus Inc] Smartphone Gimbal [decor] - 1 LI
3. Full Perm Smartphone Screen Texture
3. instruction notecard
4. landmarks

Modify - Copy - No Transfer (scripts are no mod)

**Note: The scripts inside the item are non-modifiable. Therefore, the item may appear to be non-modifiable in your inventory. This is because the scripts are no mod. However, you can still resize or modify the item after you have rezzed it on the floor.

[▪ ▫ HOW TO USE? ▫ ▪]
*How to use the Gimbal? wear/add it to your avatar and then pick an animation in Animations menu.

*How to change Phone color? click on the Gimbal then choose Phone color in Phone Menu

*How to change Smartphone Screen Texture? we included 10 Smartphone screens. To change please click on the Gimbal then choose an option in Smartphone Screen.

*How to make your own Smartphone Screen Textures? you can take any pic and put on Smartphone Screen. It will be automatically stretched out to fill the screen. You can also use our provided full perm Smartphone Screen texture to create your own texture.

**Note: animations are only available in [wear/add] version. Decor version is for decoration purpose


[▪ ▫ TELEPORT ▫ ▪]
Check satus9 Resident's picks for latest and updated landmarks of Main Store and Branch Stores

**[satus Inc] Main Store**


Teleport Hub - One Stop for All Second Life(R) Freebies, Group Gifts, Promotion, and Hunts

**Useful Links**
*Freebies: http://www.teleporthub.com
*Hunts: http://www.teleporthub.com/hunts/
*Hunt Calendar: http://www.teleporthub.com/hunt-calendar/
*Events: http://www.teleporthub.com/events/

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[satus Inc]

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  • [satus Inc] Smartphone Gimbal ~ 1 LI
  • 5 Original Bento Animations
  • 5 Smartphone Color Options
  • 10 Smartphone Screen Textures
  • 100% Original Mesh - Material Enabled

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