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was established in October 2012 by JunettaHurricane Resident.

My goal is to make high quality clothing & accessories for reasonable prices.
Love to be in the Fashion World.

I'm always a helpful person, so if you have any questions, any problems with my items please contact me via IM me if I am online, else send me NC please. I will answer you a.s.a.p and do my best to solve your problem.

I hope you like my items.

Wish you happy days in both SL and RL.

Thank you.
JunettaHurricane Resident


Undelivered items from Marketplace or missing deliveries? - please send details and I will re-send immidiatly.

Sorry but no refunds unless it is a double purchase. In case of double purchase I can pay your money back or send another item of your wish.

Thanks for your understanding.

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