MetaHarpers of Second Life
MetaHarpers of Second Life
Vendido por: Arrehn Oberlander
Te has unido: April 03, 2008

This store is a distribution outlet for various pieces of art and technology created by members of the group "MetaHarpers of Second Life."

Caution: Many of these items are scripts or tools for power users and may not be applicable for general use or particularly friendly for newcomers. Please read the description carefully and/or contact Arrehn Oberlander for information before buying if you do not have direct experience with the listing.

MetaHarpers is founded by Arrehn Oberlander, original Firestorm viewer developer and creator of many esoteric in-world scripted items, however many of the group's items and creations are inspired by imagination from a diverse group of open minds.


Packages with substantial amounts of copy-modify content cannot be returned.

Items are not waranteed to to be fit for any particular purpose.

Sales directly fund MetaHarper Art & Technology exhibit space in Second Life.

In the case of gratis items, donations are very welcome!

Contributions and improvements are also often welcome. We're a community.


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