Mindgardens Creations
Mindgardens Creations
Sold by: Bonny Greenwood
Joined: August 25, 2007

A shop unlike any other! Featuring a diverse collection of both fantasy & natural landscaping, grasses, trees & other enchanting wonders! With a love of nature & the magical allure of fantasy, I put a touch of my soul into every item I create. Stop by & take a peak at some of the many treasures offered here.

If you have any questions about an item you have purchased or are interested in purchasing, please drop me a notecard & I'll be in contact as soon as I can.

I don't keep my full stock in Marketplace due to time constraints. If you like the quality of my work, I hope you will come visit me in-world, located on the edge of Inspire Space Park. My latest creations can be found there. I have tons of items on display for you to see and experience first hand, floating amidst the stars of Inspire next to Colour Alchemist & Imagine.


If you've purchased an item & have not received it, please request a redelivery from marketplace. I generally don't do refunds but am happy to discuss it if there is a valid reason.

If you find any of my products to be defective, please feel free to notify me.

Please note that I no longer offer support for 'Discontinued' items. They are reduced at incredible prices for that reason.

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