Larsson Outdoor Adventure Products
Vendido por: Lisle Larsson
Te has unido: July 20, 2007

Please stop by my in-world store in Bay City immediately south of a large on-the-water rez zone and a few regions northwest of Linden vehicle test sandbox regions. All my items have my original advanced scripting to provide greatest added value enjoyment. I am often in my store and happy to discuss product features you want added. I work very hard to make best things in SL. I like my customers and am happy to assist you. That is what SL is all about!


I enjoy visiting with customers and responding to requests. I am on SL most days working on new items and updates. My items are copy only because I care about highest integrity of leadership items I create and never sell modify "kit items" to placate other so called builders. "Copy Only" means you take pride in quality of your work and want it always to perform as designed.

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