New Age Industries
New Age Industries
Vendido por: Kyoichi Kaligawa
Te has unido: August 04, 2008

Specially-made low-lag civilian vehicles for roleplay use. All vehicles are copy/modify/no-trans and come with NAI's proprietary driving script which allow working hazards, turn signals, speedometer/tachometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, engine repair system, working suspension, and many more.

Please note certain vehicles come with different transmissions, different fuel economy/durability traits, and even unique features to add new layers to the RP experience. Read the descriptions for each vehicle to gain a better understanding of the car being sold and really decide whether or not it's right for you.

Thank you and drive safe!


Ask us any questions whether it's about products or about support, but please understand that it will take a minute to get back to you as we're not always online to answer.


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