skidz Tweak
Joined: March 08, 2006

Skidz Partz has been bringing you unique tools and design in SL since 2006. Started by Skidz Tweak he aimed to bring unique, top quality, low lag, well scripted and designed items into Second Life with top notch support. And secondary goal of improving Second Life through education and other public services. He designed several popular top rated tools including the Skidz/TNT Primz, and the TMat Organizer. He brought the first ever comprehensive building tools into Second Life with the Skidz Primz, and was the first to design Drag and Drop linked prims in the TMat Organizer. Always pushing the boundaries of SL in his products. Skidz pushed forward with his Secondary goals by supporting and sponsoring a number of free public educational services, sandboxes, and much much more including Skidz’ own sandbox, Skidz Isle, which has become a mecca for skilled designers and builders in Second Life. With help from friends Skidz Partz has become a very large part of what Second Life is today. So please help Support Skidz Partz. Drop your friends a landmark to Skidz Isle, and tell them they need to check it out. By doing so your not only supporting honest hard working Individuals, your supporting the future Second Life.


Just IM me if you have problems.. We can fix you up!

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