Van den Brande 3D Design
Van den Brande 3D Design
Vendido por: customsculpties Leider
Te has unido: May 31, 2010

We create custom Full perm Meshes for low prices! Exclusive and non-exclusive. All exclusive orders include the .dae download! Almost all our items on the marketplace only cost 199 L$, group members get a 10% discount inworld when buying from a vendor and wearing the group tag!


99% of our items are full perms 99% include sculpt maps if it is not a mesh.
We also sell no mod no copy no transfer objects for regular users.
Do not resell none of our full perm items or we fill in a report both D.M.C.A and L.L.

There is no refund in none of the sales once u have the full perm objects or full download or any object delivered.

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