Galland Homes
Sold by: Robert Galland
Joined: October 18, 2006

Thank you for your interest in Galland Homes. I've been a home designer since 2006 specializing in the quality and luxury the SL home buyer deserves. Each model is designed with an emphasis on incorporating unique architectural elements.

I'm currently working on a new line of homes for 2016 and encourage you to visit me at my sim and see for yourself what Galland Homes has to offer. Welcome to Luxury.


We take customer service, both pre and post sale, very seriously and will do our best to respond to all IM's, notecards, and e-mails within one day. My IM's DO go to e-mail - notecards are not necessary. (Please note, every now and then SL disables offline IM's making it to my e-mail. If you do not hear from me within 48 hours, please drop a notecard)

Houses may be copied or modified, but

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