[IK01] Industrial Kitty
[IK01] Industrial Kitty
Vendido por: Shadly Bunny
Te has unido: November 20, 2006

IK01 started out in 2006, making boots and misc jewelery in Second Life... and still plodding along happily, making whatever comes to mind. Now also including MESH items. :)

PLEASE! PLEASE! please... if you buy my products, please always give a review. (Unless there is a problem with the product, in which case, please contact me first.)


Any problems, ALWAYS contact me in world first before leaving a bad review. Shadukha Druart. If I am busy or offline, please send notecard.

No returns. No refunds, (unless there is a problem that really cannot be fixed - this does NOT include accidental purchase, or if you change your mind after purchase and decide you do not want it - once bought it is yours).


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