PrimPossible 1 Prim Jacuzzi Unlimited PG 600 Animations

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➤ This jacuzzi is NO COPY. If you purchased this no copy jacuzzi and want to upgrade to the copy version (3,200L$), buy it on the marketplace at your convenience, message us afterwards, and we will refund you the 800L$ you paid for the no copy version:

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ NEW! █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂
*Sits 4 Avatars!

*1,138 Animations - Singles - Couples - Sits - Roleplay

*8 Hot tub shapes in the menu

*Many textures

*Adjust Water Particles

*Adjust Water Transparency

*Water sounds in menu

*Set access (public/owner/group) for the texture changer menu and the animation separately.

*No Lag @ .003mms


Left click to activate, Left click to sit.

Click "Extras" button in main menu to change shape and texture.

Type "bubbles" (without quotes) in local chat to adjust water transparency, particles, sounds, etc.

Some shapes have 3 buttons on the hot tub that are not functional.

***********PLEASE READ************

This jacuzzi is 1 prim only. When you use the jacuzzi, it rezzes an invisible shell which you sit on. The shell is 3 prims but deletes itself when you are not sitting or press the STOP button. This is absolutely necessary because most of SL requires 1 prim per seated avatar. (this is caused because most creators are unaware that their objects are causing this bug, which is preventable. We personally developed phPose to overcome this bug and still keep our furniture 1 prim!)

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  • 1 Prim, 8 Designs
  • Hot Tub Sits 4 Avatars! 1,138 Animations - Singles - Couples - Hangout
  • Many textures to choose from in menu.
  • Water sounds in menu & you can change the transparency of the water & brightness
  • NO LAG @ .003mms & No Poseballs - Possible to change the texture on sit or off

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Publié le 6/10/2020 de Carmichael Caudron 5 étoiles

thank you

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Best bang for your buck!

Publié le 3/8/2019 de AMike4U 5 étoiles

Best you can get for the money, only 1 prim and still top notch in every way especially the animations products, fast delivery, awesome in every way,

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