20K OFF PROMO- Nalu's Island Prefab Sim- A whole sim in a box

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Bonus underwater megapack included
items bought in world will not be refunded
This complete SIM setup package comes fully loaded to accomodate either a Homestead or a Full Region with absolutely everything you need to transform your SIM into the most incredible environment with the touch of a few buttons
Amazing Value for the perfect exotic lifestyle.
Prepare yourself to land in life's detailed great ocean escape SIM. Where the rolling waves splash the shoreline, there are endless romantic spots,heated hideaways and vibrant colours everywhere!
If you have ever desired the experience of the perfect life living on the sunny coast, where the coral reefs glow and the palms provide cooling shade, this is your chance!
This prefab SIM saves you time, gives you so much value instead of travelling around to find all the right landscaping decor and some of Bee Designs most sought after Tiki Homes & furnishings.
If you walk the shoreline you will find bridges, offSIM huts, a variety of plants and the continuous fresh blue sea.
Once you have rezzed out your prefab you can customize it as you wish. All items are removable so you can make the changes that you wish if you wish to customize the layout.

Cuddle on top of the ruins and admire all the settings of the sky
Use th Kiahuna Bungalow for a honeymoon morning, or quiet night.
Enjoy the vibrant colours of the Papeete house with it's hand laid brick walls and airy living space. Or jump in it's hot tub for an intense memorable moment with a lover.
Climb into the Cave an enjoy the toasty warm farm on a chilly night.
Perhaps some intimate dancing on the floating docks of the main house.
Splash your loved one with an unforgetable playtime in the waterfalls.
Entertain family and friends at the club house with the bright party lights and the view of sunset.
Dance with the butterflies.
Inside you will find:
-1 RAW File which you can use on any terrain texture and look absolutely stunning (sand or grass) textures included on the pack with settings.
-One SIM surround to extend your environment beyond the look of just plain waterfront. SIMs come with borders and we can break those borders with style.
-Multiple rezzers to easily set up 3 of Bee designs Best Selling fully furnished Homes, gazebo's and many other beautiful places to sit and relax. All items are loaded with HUGE menus for various Sits, cuddles, hangouts,love or single poses too.
-If you want value, color, ease of creating a home that will make everyone that comes over instantly think 'WOW'. Look no further.
All items are copy, so if you want to add more trees or move things around you can customize this creation with ease. Instructions and pictures inside to assist you with the setup.
After buying you will receive a box with instructions inside and my email so i can quickly send you the raw file for upload,if you are renting a sim ask the owner about the raw file uploading,most of them will do that for you.do not rezz anything without the raw file uploaded ,the place is designed to be used with it only
Fully support is provided in case you dont know how to setup,or if you have doubts.but dont worry is really easy,and you will have your sim done in a few minutes,the rezzers moves to the right place and you just need to press 2 buttons for each,rezz and freeze(ignore wrong position mesages).no need to go moving boxes to find the right place for anything!
If you own a homestead you will still have almost 600 prims prims to play with
Not refundable as is a copy and no transfer item.
IMPORTANT :after the raw upload you may need to move a bit bridges and path,just a small adjustment

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it

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Worth the money!!

Publié le 8/3/2015 de Amari Rowley 5 étoiles

Easy to set up and Bee is really helpful with fast response. Everything looks top notch. Can't go wrong with this purchase.

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Fantastic Work

Publié le 15/6/2013 de Eliot Vendetta 5 étoiles

This is a really cool work,really done with passion,the result is realistic,One of the best work i ve seen on sl.

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