eDeLsToRe men & women mesh hair vendors 50% commision V1

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Singel Hair vendor from the No. 1 in SL **** UPDATE 2020 incl mesh hair female + male***
One of the best vendors in Sl ... test it now .. you must have for your Land, Mall, Shop, Store, Club or Disco

Just rezz the vendor (under your landgroup), it will automatically pay you 50 % commision on sales.

all real new in SL

Moor service ... we have a redeliver terminal, if some buyers miss items.

You can edit the vendor just you like ... big, smal

Very nice and new women hair . Start a business with it. Earn a lot of money. You need no update group from us, only for setup on your Land you need your group. Automatic Update. For lost item we have a redelivery terminal at eDeLsToRe Mall.

-More stable and faster.
-More powerful servers.
-Daily service customer. ( Redelivery terminal included )
-Easy to set up: Just rez and be done with it.
-Fully networked: Catalog updates for life.
-All vendors are modify ( rez) and copy.
-Option buy for a friend.
-Option of pay with credit card or Pay pal.
-Only one script for vendor, low lag.
-Not Hover text.
-Menu options to affiliates.
-All vendors included in this pack are in mode single vendors..
This system will allow you to resell our best-selling products. .

- You are only allowed to use this system on land that you own or rent.
- This product requires "debit permissions" for payouts and refunds
- Pay 2% to CasperTech, Affiliate vendor fee
- You will not get commission if you buy from your *own* Catalogue Vendor.
- Not allowed to use our logo, if you have hair vendors from other franchises not eDeLsToRe in your store
- Money is not refunded under any Comcept, if necessary, the item will be redelivery or repaired
- If occasionally there was any fault in any article or execution of any script of any affiliate vendor, we reserve the right to disable or delete it, and was later replaced due
-eDeLsToRe regularly send notices of system security update (scrip). if any vendor is not working properly due to lack of update by the owner, it will not be replaced by eDeLsToRe, it is the responsibility of each member of their vendors have updated to the latest versions.
- In case of any claim for any item not received, pls use the redelivery terminal or request copies of historial of transactions to your customer and send it to Tanja74 Diesel (only notecard)**
-As our affiliate, you agree to receive ads for eDeLsToRe
- We reserve the right to terminate your usage of this item if you violate any of these terms.

©Copyright 2008-2020 eDeLsToRe Franchise. All Rights Reserved.*

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EdelStore Hair & Fashion since 2008
EdelStore Hair & Fashion since 2008
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Vendu par : Tanja74 Diesel
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