{ACD} Tulip Cluster (Mesh/Materials)

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*I cannot stress enough how important it is to come inworld to see & try the ENTIRE demo to make sure you know exactly what you're getting & if it works for you or not.

2 LI
Texture change

There are 6 petal, 5 leaf & 5 stem textures to choose from.
You can have three different cluster of petals a different color as shown in photo's or make them all one color by choosing solids on the menu. The colors to choose from for the petals are Deep red, hot pink, lavender, orange, purple and yellow.

At its current size the tulips are 2 LI, making them larger or smaller can impact how many prims they take up. If you unlink or link more to it it can also impact prim amount more or less and it WILL mess up the texture change system so please do not link more than one set until you have chosen the color scheme you want first. You can also remove the scripts once you have your colors chosen. Just go into edit, over to the content tab, left click the top item, scroll down and while holding shift click the bottom item to highlight everything and then just right click and delete.

*If this item(s) uses the materials feature. You need to enable Local Lights & the Advanced Lighting Model in your SL graphics settings & have a light source nearby like a lamp or fire that throws off light. Please make sure to enable those settings, if you don't & the item doesn't look like the photo's it's because of that, not because of a problem with the item(s). Items can be seen & tested in world.

*Changing the size of mesh can impact the amount of prims it takes up and will also mess up animation positions.

*There are teleport pads located on the ground in every area of the store to help you get around quickly. Just sit & choose location from drop down menu. Link to store is down below.

See you on the grid,

Stormm Firecaster

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Отличный продукт!!

Publié le 7/3/2021 de MsMarsell 5 étoiles

За такую низкую цену такой шикарный продукт и еще разные текстуры и объемный!!Спасибо крейтору за его работу!Всем советую ,Отличное украшение для сада,Успехов в работе!

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Publié le 18/3/2017 de xaniy 4 étoiles

wish i could see them from a distance..but when you get them in view they are very pretty

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