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Resizable for Petites or giants!

This big shiny, high stepping Arabian horse will take you where you want to go in great style.

Our Riding horses are Copy Modify. You can add, change, buy or sell accessories for them.

AKK Horse Ranch has been designing and selling virtual horses since 2005. We Love what we do, and it shows.
Photo and hand drawn textures have been used to enhance the coloring, but sculpted muscles and copy modify permissions allow you to re texture and color them without loss of shape.

* NEW- rider animations compliment the motion of the horse through it's paces, as well as rear, bow, jump, and a parade wave.
* NEW-Pat your horse on the neck while riding,or leading it down a trail.
* NEW- One or both eyes can change colors from warm brown to red blue green black orange or even rainbow hued
* NEW- button sizing changes horse and accessories from default size to larger or smaller,all the way down to pony size for child avatars
* NEW- Fight mode is especially designed for horseback fighting and jousting.
* NEW- Web based help menu and translation

* Spritely Pixel's exclusive AKK Sim Saver scripts let our horses move beautifully in any type of sim, with incredible efficiency (less than 0.2 ms even at max boost gallop)
* Comes with Saddle and Bridle (which the Horse wears, not the human)
* You can choose to have a Stallion (male) or a Mare (female) with the push of a button.
* Menu button unlinks either saddle or bridle,for bareback riding or adding custom accessories (sold separately)
* Eyes blink,
* Moving ears,
* Multiple (but controllable) speed boosts,
* Sounds of walk trot gallop whinny nicker,
* Dust when running,
* Flowing manes and tails that swish)
* Extras! A free static lower prim display horse, and barn props (hay, feed buckets, pet/brush pose ball) are included.
* A life like 4 frame gait, with the head reaching out to fight run or jump ^
* Kick with both hind legs.
* They paw the ground, stamp, twitch their tail,blink and move their ears at random while standing.
* Can be posed for pictures in Fly, Walk, Gallop, Trot, Rear, Bow or Stand with or without a rider.

* Mount or dismount and lead with a menu button.
* They can be adjusted with edit to walk beside, behind, or follow at a distance, (they were trained to follow your upraised hand, so do not need a tether)
* A rocking/riding motion can be turned on or off, as can Particle hoof prints.

* Works with the AKK Double rider (*Purchased Separately Here*)
The AKK Double Rider for Horses was the first of it's kind for SL horses, and has only improved over the years. It more than just pose balls. It lets another person ride with you, either in front or behind, astride or sidesaddle, and will even let the passenger guide the horse as it walks trots runs and jumps through the countryside.it is separate from the horse, so that it need not be used except when you want it, and may be used with all of the AKK horses.

* EXCLUSIVE TO AKK HORSES, is our AKK Snap-Tack Accessories. It allows you to buy and place authorized accessories on the specific horse with little or No hand aligning or editing, and removes the old saddle and bridle for you.
* Especially wonderful for the new, inexperienced, or Non builders in SL.
It is Not a Requirement for accessories, which can still be attached manually, it is just incredibly easier.
Q. Will this horse work with my old double rider?
A. yes, Two can ride with the purchase of the AKK Double Rider, or with one which they bought in the past for a different AKK Model.

Q.Some people offer lifetime updates on Products..do you?
Lifetime of who or what? You, them, the product, or the store?
No. We do not sell a product that is of lower quality today, with a promise to make it better someday.
Each model is rebuilt and redesigned to be the best we, and SL, can make it at that time. If we find script problems with a model (due to our error) we repair and replace it automatically as soon as possible.
We also keep an extensive customer data base that has allowed buyers to replace horses that sl has 'eaten' for as much as 3 years after the original purchase.

Q.Can I exchange my horse, or pay to upgrade to a newer one?
A. AKK Horses are copy/modify/no transfer..as such they cannot be exchanged for another horse or a refund,..and sorry no, we do not trade up.

Visit the AKK Horse Ranch and try out one of our free demo horses on our land or yours (they last for 5 rides, and can tp with you).

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  • Worn as attachments they count as 0 prims on the land
  • Free low prim (35 prim) display, for field or stable
  • Comes with Removable saddle and bridle, for bareback english or western style
  • Web based help card translates instructions to your chosen language

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Great Horse

Publié le 26/3/2012 de Zara Minuet 5 étoiles

I really like this horse. Well made!

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