Larsson Ultra 2021 GTFO! v6.0 (Boxed) Version 9.6

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This new 2021 early release version of the popular Ultra truck is specially made for GTFO! operators who like the versatility of being able immediately change the load on the truck to match up with the kind of loads given to them by their GTFO! HUDs when they choose a HUB for a delivery. And now for 2021 you have a choice of seven popular OTR truck colors and advanced lighting switches to control headlights and parking lights.

The GTFO! VAPI code for this truck is: LLULTRA. The VAPI and api are already loaded inside so you are good to go right out of the box.

The official GTFO! ratings are: Larsson Ultra Truck | Capacity: 6 Heavy Crates (1,800 FU) | Overhead: G$80 per kilometer.

This is a 95 prim-equivalent vehicle and I have carefully adjusted the physics so it is a great driver and you can take a passenger along. However because of the advanced and detailed load features, this a copy only vehicle.

When you see the type of load assigned to you, just use your Ultra Cargo Selection HUD to choose the type of international standard load that matches most closely the delivery load you have been given. This same HUD now also features color selection buttons for: Dark Blue, Teal, Yellow, Tan, Red, White and Sky Blue.

The seven standard loads featured on the 2020 Ultra HUD are:

#1 ISO Standard Shipping Container (often called connex containers and widely useful for all sorts of loads). The rear doors open and close on touch to reveal realistic container contents.

#2 ISO Standard Shipping Container with Hazardous Material Signs (use this option for spent fuel cells and things such as old lithium batteries and the like). This container is static and does not open to reveal contents.

#3 Three Export Certified Mil-Spec Wood Crates (for everything from electronics to household goods)

#4 Covered Dry Bulk (useful for those frequent load assignments involving compost and manure)

#5 Commercial Liquids (three pallets featuring widely used liquid commodity food ingredients such as olive oil and corn syrup)

#6 Industrial Materials (an assortment of crates, coiled wire, coiled sheet metal, flat metal sheets, girders, pipe and a barrel of hydraulic oil).

#7 Bulk Liquid Tank (for petro-chemicals, bio-fuels, and other non-potable liquids, and if properly cleaned you could probably carry dried commercial substances such as portland cement).

#8 Yes there is actually an eighth option. Empty! The flatbed is empty whenever you opt to unload one of the seven cargos.

Just select the load that gives you the best match up and off you go with a good looking assignment appropriate cargo. Or, just park somewhere and amaze your friends.

There is also a View Selection HUD that also includes buttons for a loud "Road Horn" and another for a more friendly delivery "Beep Beep!" The driver sits upright with hands moving on the steering wheel. There are two views for the driver which you choose as you like with the included viewer control HUD. One view is out the front window and the other is above and behind the truck allowing you to guide it in a larger view if you like.

The over the road speed is controlled with a 10-speed transmission (gear speed) so you can can choose to travel at slower speeds near freight ramps and move quickly up to reasonable speeds according to road conditions. Use the onscreen motion controls jump up and crouch down to change gear speed, or use keyboard page up/down arrows also.

I generally make deliveries in gear speeds 4 and 5 which seems fast to me but you are probably better driver than I am and can drive at the higher speeds. Steering quickness of this truck has been adjusted carefully for this larger model truck so as to avoid quirky over sensitivity, yet allowing you to turn quickly when you need to. This allows for a more normal highway driving feel, yet the turning radius still allows you get out of small spaces easily. You can easily turn off road onto HUB driveways and back into loading ramps when needed.

I made the driver animation for this truck and passenger seat includes an animation that changes position from leaning back with hands behind head, moving to arms folded, the moving to arms in lap all the while looking from side to side. You can also stand on the left running board holding on and looking to the front to inspect the engine. The cab doors open and close on touch as well as the engine hood.

This vehicle contains my resizing script so you can easily adjust the size of the vehicle to your liking. Just touch it for the resize menu. I set up the seating position for ideal positioning but feel free to contact me if you need your seating position adjusted. I will be happy to do this for you.

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  • HUD control to select seven different classic OTR cargo loads
  • HUD also selects from seven classic truck colors
  • Touch to resize
  • GTFO! VAPI and API scripts preloaded and ready for immediate use
  • 3 engine sounds: drive forward, idle and reverse

L$2 500

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