Advanced Prim Counter (BOXED) Version 1.2

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Are your tenants ALWAYS going over their prim limit? Tired of worrying about sending them notifications? The Advanced Prim Counter from Lastat Productions solves both these problems AND makes it easier to keep up on YOUR tenant's prim use. Select an avatar to keep tabs on and CHOOSE to send them IMs when/if they go over their prim limit. YOU choose how often it updates the prim count and sends the IMs! Other avatars can ALSO touch the counter and see their prim count via message in Local Chat. Save YOUR time and NEVER worry about tenant's prims again!



===== FEATURES =====

⇢ Counts ALL of Avatar's Prim Use
⇢ SIMPLE Set-Up!
⇢ Notecard Configurable
⇢ YOU Choose How Often to Update the Prim Count and Send Notification IMs.
⇢ Repeatedly Notifies Avatars Over Their Prim Limit!!
⇢ Copyable = One for EACH Tenant!
⇢ Other Avatars Can Click the Counter to Get THEIR Own Prim Count!!
⇢ Turn Hovertext On OR Off
⇢ Hovertext Displays Avatar's Name AND Prim Count!


** PLEASE NOTE: This item's script is NOT full perms! The object itself is so that you may do as you wish to the prim, or just remove the script and add it to your own objects. **


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** If you have questions or need assistance, contact Lastat Daxter. If you've purchased this item, please review it **



  • Counts Prims
  • Repeatedly Notifies Avatars Over Prim Limit!
  • ANY Avatar Can Touch it
  • Turn IM Notifications On OR Off!
  • Notecard Configurable

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Hoping it worked better than it does & in more places.

Publié le 6/4/2012 de CRITTERQUEEN 4 étoiles

First it keeps giving me a script error every time I go near it. It does though count my prims for me. But only 1 place. I don't have the necessary permissions every where I rent so it can count the prims for me. I seem to be the only one that is getting the script error when I near it. Non of my friends are getting the error. I do like its glowing green color and it works fairly quickly counting up all my prims.

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Publié le 6/9/2011 de Amanda Dench 5 étoiles

I have been looking for this tool all over SL. It does what it says and warns your tenants about how much they have gone over the prims without you having to IM them. Best of all you can increase the frequency of the messages. Thank you ... great gadget.

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