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So I know what you were thinking, Cool McGee.

You were like "Gawsh this avatar looks like it's made of pudding. I wish it looked a little more ripped." And then you saw the competition and realized you had been ripped off.

For you dear resident, I've made this muscle layer. It's a tattoo, so you can double it up to make an even more dramatic effect, and it's been uploaded in white so you can recolor it to match any avatar's washboard you'd like to use it on... All at less than our competitor's price.

An animation has been attached to compare the skin without the shade, with x1 shading, and with x2 shading.

Thanks for taking an interest in my products.

All clothes and tattoo layers are modify, because sometimes I'm not psychic and you'd like to make changes.

Usually tattoo layers and shirts will be uploaded in white so you can recolor them to a certain extent. Any colors clearly visible like shirts with colored neck or arm-bands can not be recolored entirely without effecting these colored details.

Feel free to make it yours.

Finally, tattoo layers are usually somewhat transparent so you can double-up if you'd like things extra dark. But that's a personal choice and I'll leave it up to you.

For now, enjoy and take care~!

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  • Make any color
  • Modifyable
  • Use for Human or Furry Avs
  • High Quality Shading
  • May Cause Unwanted Touching

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Publié le 22/5/2020 de GotimerJr 5 étoiles

Looks fantastic on my furry avatar; was always jealous human skins look better in the muscle department. This helps a great deal!

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Publié le 19/10/2019 de tweemi 5 étoiles

Thank you so much Rider ^o^ I use mostly Anthro characters and I like to use the standard body shape. I think Mesh bodys are:
1. way complicated to deal with overall. Clothes, fitting things etc.
2. For anthro's, its even more complicated because there are no large choices of skins on a HUD from creators that you basically want to give of your own color combinations and right positions. Many problems on the skin itself as well, such as the creator designs the skin the way they want and its not your own taste.
3. And I didnt learn enough how to texture right. I would need much time and learning for this.

But thanks to you, this Layer made my Anthro Boys looks even more muscular detailed. I would say exactly like a mesh muscle body. Exactly what my boys needed especially on the Pecs and abs. So I can create my own anthros.
Very cheap reasonable price too! I didnt think of finding something wonderful for a wonderful price.
Keep It up the good work Rider. You are a hero!

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