Animesh Bento Pink Bengal Cat Version 1.0

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Animesh Bento Cat

36Li.1 prim.
6 animation.
Animation menu.
Cat sound.
Instruction notecard.

You can rezz.
You can attach to avatar, (right click and ADD).

Animesh Bento Wander Cat:

I added a wander version to the package because more people asked for it.
The wander version does not work in some places without proper animesh support or permission on the land!!!

This is a bonus in the package.Still under development.It worked perfectly during tests.
Will always receive updates for our products,if improvements have been made.

You can only rezz.Don't attach!!!

If the animal wandering,run the walk animation, if it stops switching to standing animation.


The cat was made,Blender and Avastar2.
Realistic looking and moves.
Animations are smoother than in old animals.
You can copy the original version,if you losed,or need more cat.

This is animesh product to use you need animesh compatible viewer.
With an old viewer, sees only a static object.

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Click to visit the store and click Inworld Store.

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  • Animesh Bento Pink Bengal Cat


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