Aphrodite African placemats with African foods & drinks! (box)

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Those who have travelled enjoy the discovery of new places… Those who make new friends are excited to broaden their horizons… Had you ever visited Africa?

Enjoy a piece of African by tasting our ever diversifying special traditional meals, we promise, it will quench your hunger, and nourish your Spirits!

African place mat is fully configurable with timer, user, auto cleaning or not and more. It includes 6 beautiful African textures including a designer African map handmade painting and always a silver delicate border matching the napkin and silverware perfectly.

African Meals included:

♥ Empty platter setting with napkin, silverware and clean plates- 4 LI

♥ 2 different traditional breakfast:

Porridge with African pancakes – 3 LI Mandazi with Bharazi – 3 LI

♥ 7 different Appetizers:

Agusi soup -1 LI Moroccan Lentil Soup -2 LI Okra coup – 2 LI Fufu – 2 LI Green Banana Fries -2 LI Spicy Carrot Salad -2 LI Tahini Salad with pita breads -5 LI

♥ 6 Main Entrees:

African Stew -3 LI Oxtails with Rice -2 LI Honey and lemon Lamb Tangine – 2 LI Spanish Moroccan Fish -2 LI Jollof Rice with fried banana and fried chicken -3 LI Lamb Shanks with Apricots and Couscous -2 LI

♥ 4 Desserts:

Melktert (Milk Tart) -16 LI Malvapoeding (Marshmallow Pudding) -3 LI Coconut Ice Cream -10 LI Peppermint Crisp Tart -3 LI

♥ 22 Drinks

Alcoholic: Beer – 2 LI Daiquiri – 5 LI Hurricane – 1 LI Lemoncello – 3 LI Margarita – 4 LI Martini – 2 LI Tequila sunrise – 4 LI

Hot: Cafe au lait – 3 LI Capuccino – 3 LI Expresso – 3 LI Roses tea – 2 LI Tea – 3 LI Viena – 3 LI

Wine: Rose wine – 2 LI Red wine – 2 LI White wine – 2 LI

Milk 2 LI Lemonade 3 LI Orange soda 2 LI Water 1 LI Tropical Orange Juice 8 LI Cola 2 LI

You have different options to use them, you can rezz only yourself, or set to group or set to everyone can use, is useful for homes, restaurants with dinner service or self service Restaurants bars or cafes. You may also choose auto clean after a time you wish or clean up manually.

Good Hunger!

A Second life product copyrighted by
Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood
Please visit www.aphroditeshop-sl.com

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Publié le 27/10/2018 de MalkaraYamora 5 étoiles

Absolutely beautiful, you do a great job with food, no matter where it's from!

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Aphrodite African placemats with African foods & drinks

Publié le 18/3/2018 de Wonderful Alexandre 5 étoiles

I just love these. If you are looking for an classic African meal with great detail (this is mesh not just texture) . You can't go wrong with these. Just wish the were mod so I could have made them smaller. I still give them 5 stars.

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