Aphrodite "Exclusive blends" tea tray with waiter animation

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Tea blends are derived from leaves that have been harvested by hand. Pickers choose the most tender, youngest buds in order to ensure the highest quality tea.

A high-quality tea blend offers subtle flavor, an enticing aroma, vibrant color, and a full body. In other words, it's a blend that is truly memorable. Once you´ ve tried such a blend, you´ll never want to sample an inferior blend again!

This is the first time that this special and unique teas are brought to SL, for you to enjoy them.

This tray has two options, it can be rezzed for anyone to click and get a menu with 15 different blend options or can be worn in hand to serve as a waiter or hostess and offer the teas to others, personally. Perfect for any coffee shop, tea house or restaurant!

It also comes in 2 different sizes one is smaller for smaller avies to hold it right!

The tray delivers the following blends:

♥ Argentinian (Argentina country)
♥ Chamomile
♥ Chocolate
♥ Jasmine
♥ Kids tea
♥ Mint tea
♥ Nui Nuit
♥ Oolong tea
♥ Regular house blend
♥ Orange Pekoe
♥ Rooibos tea
♥ Roses tea
♥ Strawberry & champagne tea
♥ Tea with lemon
♥ Tea with milk
♥ Vainilla

Products contains a marvelous custom sipping animation, and also displays in general chat a legend describing how the blend its made and how it tastes for more realism.

Blending is the art of combining two or more varietals to create a unique tea that is greater than the sum of its parts, so it is time for you to enjoy and relish the unique taste of our original and incomparable teas!.

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Messed up

Publié le 14/9/2020 de minathecat 1 étoile

Tea pot covers are messed up. Tea cups attaches incorrectly. Tray decorations (cake, etc) are misplaced.

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Nice design but doesn't work with either of my AO's

Publié le 15/5/2020 de rosalindmcgee 2 étoiles

Good product if only it worked with my walking AO's - the tray sticks with the walking hand motion rather than overriding. No good for me to move about and serve, only good for standing.

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