B Bs Multi Vitamins

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This is a bottle of 100 Multi-Vitamin Tablets formulated with all of the essentials to keep you happy and healthy.

In your home rezz the bottle some where like a kitchen counter that you frequent and leave it out to enable daily auto loading. You can also force load the vitamins into your HUD by rezzing the bottle and then clicking on it, this will also tell you how many tablets are left in the bottle. The bottle will clean up and disappear when empty.

You can have multiple bottles out at once.

Do not reset the scripts in your bottle as this will break it.

Any problems or questions please contact myself North Glenwalker, and I will return an answer by return email. I am based in the UK so I am +8 hours from SL time.

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  • *Auto adds it's self to your hud
  • *Taken daily, they will increase your chance of pregnancy by 5%


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Beautiful Beginnings
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Vendu par : North Glenwalker
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