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Fully secure system texture changer for creators..!

All of texture uuids encrypted for each creator and never decrypted by someone else.. Hides your texture uuids from your clients and/or other creators.. They can not use your own texture uuids on their huds even if they have the same product. Yes, that is possible.. grab a demo and try get an eyeful to texture uuids on it.. if you can.. *smiles*

That is only one no lag script, as usual.. There are no hud, content is script only.. you can create complete your own hud with your prims and textures for your preferances.. no limit about this..

Please be careful, this demo contents 100% low poly meshes.. you need to mesh enabled viewers and LOD factor 4.000 or above for see them correctly..


► Works with all type of objects
● regular prims, sculpted or meshes (include rigged meshes too) are welcome,
● mixed linksets doesn't matter

► Automatic configuration
● all uuids can encrypted or decrypted with one click
● both of secure or public uuids can be useable sametime
● also helps you for finding group and face numbers

► Simple texture buttons
● uses button descriptions (secure or public uuids)
● each button can be change one textue on one face
● each button can be change one texture on all faces (uv textures)
● unlimited simple texture buttons addable

► Multi texture buttons
● uses NC configration (secure or public uuids)
● each button can be change one textue on one face
● each button can be change one texture on all faces (uv textures)
● each button can be change one more texture on differnt faces
● unlimited multi texture buttons addable

► Logo area
● you can add your store logo on hud also it runs as a LM giver

► Runs on script not allowed lands


√ .:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changer [Advenced] Demo HUD (no mod/copy/no trans)
√ .:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changer [Advenced] Demo item (no mod/copy/no trans)
√ .:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changer [Advenced] Info NC
√ .:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changers Compare Card
√ .:*BoSH*:. Main Store LM

- you can grab demo items for free from in world store -

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