.:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changer [Advenced]

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Fully secure system texture changer for creators..!

All of texture uuids encrypted for each creator and never decrypted by someone else.. Hides your texture uuids from your clients and/or other creators.. They can not use your own texture uuids on their huds even if they have the same product. Yes, that is possible.. grab a demo and try get an eyeful to texture uuids on it.. if you can.. *smiles*

That is only one no lag script, as usual.. There are no hud, content is script only.. you can create complete your own hud with your prims and textures for your preferances.. no limit about this..


► Works with all type of objects
● regular prims, sculpted or meshes (include rigged meshes too) are welcome,
● mixed linksets doesn't matter

► Automatic configuration
● all uuids can encrypted or decrypted with one click
● both of secure or public uuids can be useable sametime
● also helps you for finding group and face numbers

► Simple texture buttons
● uses button descriptions (secure or public uuids)
● each button can be change one textue on one face
● each button can be change one texture on all faces (uv textures)
● unlimited simple texture buttons addable

► Multi texture buttons
● uses NC configration (secure or public uuids)
● each button can be change one textue on one face
● each button can be change one texture on all faces (uv textures)
● each button can be change one more texture on differnt faces
● unlimited multi texture buttons addable

► Logo area
● you can add your store logo on hud also it runs as a LM giver

► Runs on script not allowed lands


√ .:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changer [Advenced] Master script for HUD (no mod/copy/trans)
√ .:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changer [Advenced] script for your creations (no mod/copy/trans)

√ .:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changer [Advenced] License (no mod/copy/no trans) *

√ .:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changer [Advenced] Example HUD (mod/copy/no trans)
√ .:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changer [Advenced] Example item (mod/copy/no trans)
√ .:*BoSH*:. Encrypted Texture Changer [Advenced] How to setup NC
√ .:*BoSH*:. Main Store LM

*ATTENTION PLS: This script set protect wia license key..! The license is creator only and NO TRANS. Because of this, if you purches this set for your alt av, for your bussines partner or for your friends etc. please prefer to GIFT option. You can not register a new hud or object without this license. But you not need it to sell your licensed creations.

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Publié le 21/12/2019 de Topazz 5 étoiles

I almost didn't purchase this after reading reviews. Not that the reviews were bad, they are ALL good but almost all of them commented on how the after sales service was great, which made me wonder how hard it was to set up this hud. In the end I closed my eyes crossed my fingers and clicked buy. BEST thing I have done for a long time.....in half an hour I had it up and running perfectly and didn't need to contact the developer. This after trying other products and almost tearing my hair out. Thank you thank you thank you, I would recommend this product to anyone. I felt I needed to say that this is easy to set up and use even without the help of the developer but I'm happy I have that option if I need it...great work!

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Publié le 27/10/2019 de Viadetta 5 étoiles

I have used this now for a few projects, and it is exceptionally useful. If you have several objects to change textures on, such as a full outfit, or prim skirts, it's perfect as there is only one script to control it all. Very low lag.

It is a bit of a long process to set it all up, especially if you have a large HUD with many textures, but it is not any more complicated or long-winded, than any other texture HUD script.

Also the creator is fantastic, I wanted an edit on the script and he was wonderfully accommodating.

Really is the best I have used, out of many I have tried over the years. Thanks for a great product.

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