Master Landmark System - Demo Edition

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Allows a shop owner, club owner, gun range proprietor, sinister genius, or homemaker to set a landmark like object that can be passed out to others without fear that it will ever be out of date.

Your customers, patrons, shooters, minions, or baked goods testers will receive an object that each provides a hyperlink to your location each time it is rezzed and then automatically de-rezzes*. The objects themselves can take whatever form you would like, though a default ‘Flag’ shape is included.

This edition works identically to the 'Single' edition, except that the Landmarks it creates displays a short advertising message to the end users and does not generate Web URLs.

If you upgrade to either the Single or Multi editions the landmark you created with the demo edition can be automatically upgraded to remove these limitations.

Also, while we have no current plans to do so, CHIC reserves the right to purge demo codes after 30 days.

Updating your Landmark is as simple as rezzing the included object and touching it. If it were any more complicated I’d have more to talk about it.

* What about no-rez locations? Users can simply wear it, the hyperlink appears, and the object will detach from the User.

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  • Demo edition displays a small Ad to the end user.
  • Update your location at any time and never have users who can't find you.
  • Allows 1 Landmark 2.0 Object to be created and distributed.
  • Give users a never changing pointer to your location.


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Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern
Chindogu Happiness Industrial Concern
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