[CIRCA] - "Black Tie Style" Retro Cocktail - Sushi Table Set

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"Black Tie Style" Retro Cocktail Bar Collection by [CIRCA] Living

Throw a cocktail party! This asian food table set as part of the retro black cocktail set gives you the look and feel of high society while still being casual. You can have a bit of drink, food, and casual conversation while keeping company with friends and guests in your finest garments. We included many cocktail animations in the bar, stools and even the food tables. These animations range from drinking, eating, chatting, listening, smoking, lounging, bartending, and standing leans to add realism. The food tables with touch givers, offer snacks for your guests to nibble while enjoying the atmosphere and company. It's a great collection for styling entertainment areas, adding retro flair. Good for holiday or party setups, clubs, and lounges.


• 1 table with food (linked) & 1 without,
• 3 sushi food givers - California roll & sashimi style, with shrimp, salmon, tuna, rice, ginger, & wasabi.
- givers offer animated sushi to hold & eat (Copy/Trans).

Setup TOTAL : 14 to 16 LI

MESH / Transfer
(food items to hold - Copy/Trans)


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