CameraWorks PRO (HUD & CAMCORDER) Version 1.1.3

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This is the product designed for professional photographers and film makers/directors. Like the rest of Machess products, CameraWorks has been created with flexibility and scalability in mind. Whether your camera moves are pan, tilt, pedestal, dolly, crane, zoom, or handheld, CameraWorks will be able to reproduce those movements for you.


1. Record static shots using CameraWorks HUD, and let camcorder object create filming path and glide you through it point by point (Point-by-point mode).

2. Record complicated and realistic camera maneuver. While seated on the in-world camcorder object, you may record the real-time movement of Viewer camera using mouse, Viewer’s camera control, keyboard, or the touch pads on the HUD (Real time mode).

3. When you replay the filming path, the actual movement of Viewer camera is carried out by an in-world camcorder object not scripted commands from the HUD. Such mechanism offers better timing and position accuracy, whereas scripted commands are often limited by the script cycles and Internet latency.

4. Import/export your filming path and camera moves for future references.

5. Share your camera view with others when they are wearing CameraWorks goggles.

6. Illuminate filming area using the built-in camera spotlight.

The complete system consists of camcorder object and HUD. Both are with copy permission. Other accessories include goggles for sharing camera and LandMark HUD (Copy & Mod). See CameraWorks HUD product page for details.

With built-in Parcel Safety mechanism in place, CameraWorks camcorder is able to

1. Pass through in-world objects without limits.
2. Move through parcels where run-script and object-entry are forbidden (real-time mode only).
3. Cross sim border to the adjacent sim (real-time mode only).

There are certain things, the camcorder object cannot do:
1. Camcorder object cannot make filming path that goes beyond the sim border.
2. Camcorder object cannot go into parcels where you do not have entry permission.

On camcorder menu, you may access to the following features:

1. Set Pos:
Set the current camcorder position as the origin. Camcorder will return to the origin when you press the "Target" button on the CameraWorks HUD.

2. Scope:
You may choose screen mask from 1080p, 720p, 360p, 240p, and many 4:3 aspect ratios. These masks show the screen size and makes it easy for you when you use screen capturing software.
3. Access:
Set the access permission for either owner, group, or all.
4. Light:
Toggle light on/off. To see the spot light, you will have to enable the Lighting and Shadows feature of your SL viewer.
5. Color:
Pick the color of your spot light.
6. Parcel Safety
Enable parcel safety check and prevent your camcorder from being trapped in restricted parcels.

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Fantastic camera and hud.

Publié le 6/10/2016 de MaddieWyatt 5 étoiles

This is an excellent camera for vlogging. I had purchased a different camera hud from another vender, and although it is a good product it is very complicated. with this camera and hud you can get any shot you need. In just a few clicks I created a fantastic video. Worth every penny!

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A great tool

Publié le 6/2/2014 de PetiteAnaiis Eleonara 5 étoiles

When I bought it I needed only the camera HUD but I bought the full package.
It needs some time to get familiar with the Hud but once it's done you realize how fantastic is this tool.

And then I needed to use the Camcorder later so I'm glad I bought both, it's a good tool as well and still learning how to use it.

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