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Publié le 3/11/2020 de Idyjuana 5 étoiles

I love the possibility to transfer one of your own bred coats up to a horse in SL. Completely your choice! No food is a big point to me, plus... you do not have to be logged to SL to play. I have the breeding running usually in the background, its not disturbing at all, and the longer the estimated time is, the better the horse you get will be. The marketplace option is pretty useful, i often look for a trait i like to breed it in - like this you even can breed your own design and then put it onto the horse in SL. So you can breed for beauty or for performance. I cant wait to see more traits to show!

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Lots of fun!

Publié le 5/10/2020 de AmiTrouble 5 étoiles

This game is a lot of fun. You do need a bit of patience waiting for horses with better stats to breed with each other.The better the horse the longer it takes to breed. But hey you can actually play this game completely for free if you're patient enough! You can speed up breeding by buying tokens if that's your style too. No need to feed the horses, either. And no lag on your sim as it's mostly web-based. You can buy optional rideable/wearable inworld horses to display the ones you breed (You will have to buy inworld horses individually as they're no copy and can only display one horse and you can't change it) but they're not required.

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