Celzium #01 - Inworld Mesh Creation Tool - by Cel Edman

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Waiting for SL2? You now can already make mesh-models in SL, save them onto your hard-disk. Use them in SL, other games, or whatever. Build your own creative portfolio.

Celzium is an inworld mesh creation tool for SecondLife.

You can select from 32 mesh objects and create more complex build with these, Upto 8 different textures/materials are supported, includes UV-texturing and layout. Upto 200 sub-meshes can be rezzed and converted to a collada .dae file. You can upload into SL, or like blender and other 3D software packages.

I allow people to use, give away and sell the creations created with celzium (if using more then 2 building-blocks of this tool ) inworld, on other grids, to use for graphic & games, your portefolio.
(Selling or distributing the the individual building blocks of celzium I do not allowed at the moment)
And I would ask you to be wise about the distribution of your work, like giving it out copy/mod.
So it doesnt endup in a big biab-pile.

Although I work with standalone 3Dsoftware, I still love the ease of building and sketching in SL, for fine-tuning for certain models, I use like blender now and then.

Quick video demo:

Celzium Introduction video:

The idea behind it is, easy to create mesh objects and builds. From beginning to more advanced builders. Its nice to have an inworld tool, from simple sketching, collision models for your more complex builds.. etc.

Can these shapes be cut like sl prims?
No, the shapes are individual types of mesh themself, low-poly mesh-objects including the UV-layout. They can be scaled/rotated/translated, like sculpties. In the future I want to add more mesh shapes and Celzium addons to choose from.
(There are some other tools around for 'normal' sl-prims to 3D-models incase you need that)

Second Life client
You need land in SL where you can create and build, and can use scripts.
The tool itself is 1-prim, and 1 prim for each for every building block rezzed (max 200+)
Only the owner of the tool, can use it

A recent browser
To convert the data generated in celzium to a .dae collada file.
Current supports Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera with java-script enabled.
---> (the xml-file generation is not working on the current Internet-Explorer browser at the moment!)

(information and more mesh tutorials)

For this tool I had in mind, simple/easy to use.

Cel Edman's Pixel Lab(slurl) - Claremorris (4,25,23)

If you got a question, just let me know, (when i`m not online; leave me a notecard)

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  • Celzium is an in-world Mesh creation tool

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not what i expected

Publié le 19/5/2021 de ikwachtopdeware 3 étoiles

for almost 2000 linden one may expect a bit better quality

the shapes are poorly textured the edges just come out ugly (could not see that in the demo version as that one only has 1 standard cube and that happens to be the nicest textured block in there
on edges textures droop/ look smeared (better then trying to texture a sculpt, but bad if you expect high end mesh)
and because this machine uses meshes, there are no seperate sides so again you have limited options there

3 starts because it does work as described .. just not 5 because there is a lot lacking here

very few options for builders, you can only use the meshes provided in the rezzer, and as said, they are not the best textured

you cant incorperate sculpts of regular prims, and it is hard to get a low LI wiithout losing LOD

wish I had not bought it, but also noticed that i did buy a product launched in 2012 making it nearly a decade old ..

in teh vids on youtube the man seems to "want to" make a lot of improvements, seeing how old the vids are and how extremely basic this tool is, i think there havnt been any upgrades yet

even if you rez a mesh and generate it it will be 1 solid li, not lower then that, bit of a shame cos the only thing i used this pricey tool for was to make couches and chairs and i loved the pillows in here ..
but at 1 li each im not going to be using it at all

thankfully it was only around 5 euro but i wuold on hinesight have loved to spend that on something newer and better ..

i did not contact the creator, because i hope he puts the earnings towards upgrades

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Definitely the answer if you're a prim-builder

Publié le 21/10/2019 de Qa Boa 5 étoiles

I've been in SL a long time and I can build a mean prim and though I know 3D modeling expertly, it's been years since I've done it (Sculpt 3D on Amiga, anyone?) So this is truly an excellent answer to building with prims and converting to DAE "mesh" and well-optimized for the SL grid.

At first, I couldn't get the converter to work for me and contacted the creator. As of this writing I still haven't heard back, though I've found the issue: In your chatbox, you MUST set your chat to appear in VERSION 1 VIEWER STYLE - where the object chat includes the object name on each line of the chat. The Version 2 style where the object name appears above its chat will not work. So a simple formatting fix was all it took.

Furthermore, you can download a "local" copy of the computer that will run on your Windows, Mac, Linux - anything with a supported web browser and javascript. Thus, this product is future-proof, you need not be concerned that the web host for the converter remains on the Internet.

Though not every shape you could want is here (in all of the shape packs) it is only a matter of using the prim editing tools as you already know them to get the result you want.

Three thumbs up for this. Truly worth the asking price.

My scale:
* = save your money! Utter crapola.
** = Less than expected, but generally satisfactory; caveat emptor.
*** = Pretty much as advertised, neither impressed nor unimpressed.
**** = Pleasantly surprised, you get more than what you pay for.
***** = Stunning value; high-quality, underpriced for what you get; you cannot go wrong.

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