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Hello, i made a vendor for my own use to replace old gacha machines.

vendor require specific naming of your items

- up to 64 items
- pictures of every item stored in 4 textures, 256x256 px per product
- locking vendor after clicking or buing for one user only
- temporary ban option for people that lock machine without buing anything
- option to show up to 2 products waiting in line
- up to 4 tiers ( common, uncommon, rare, epic )
- share income option
- custom vendor mesh supported
- max coomon in a row limit option
- max no rare limit option
- 1st item discount option

example config file showed in the picture.

if you will have any problem with this product, please contact me for help :)



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good 'gacha' replacement

Publié le 24/11/2021 de Silverfox Rainbow 5 étoiles

i had some issues with the naming setup and config but the owner helped me getting it working, works fine now and is a pretty good thing if you wish to sell no 'gacha' items, can make new sets now

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Restricted naming convention, does not work for resell

Publié le 7/9/2021 de mistecho 4 étoiles

I was really hoping that this would work with no copy items but sadly it does not. Hopefully in a future update it will. Also the naming convention is really restrictive, based on the instructions an using the machine the only thing that's allowed to be unique in the name is the number. So you can't have what the items are (shirts, skirts, etc) in the name anymore.

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