CyrTech Quick Vend Multi-Vendor

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Great vendor designed for the use with DFS or other No Copy items such as those received from Gacha machines.

Displays the price and stock directly on the vendor with no ugly floating text. Easy setup, just touch to set price, and drag and drop your texture and items into the machine. Want to change the texture? Just drop a new one into the machine.

Machine IMs owner when stock is low and when it is out of stock so you know when to refill. Large graphic lets users know when an item is sold out.

Your customers can purchase any number of the items from the machine at once, they only have to enter a multiple of the price to receive that many. They don't even have to be good at math, it will give them as many as the amount they paid will cover and return any change!



  • Sell one at a time or many at once
  • Notifies when out of stock
  • Notifies when low on stock
  • Drag and drop to set texture
  • Easy touch and type to set price


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Vendu par : Kaine Cyr
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