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100% Mesh Plant 9

Plant 9 prim cost: 2 LI

Pack Include:

- Plant 9 Meshes
- Texture AO
- Texture UV Lay-Out
- Texture sample (Diffuse/Color + Specular + Normal)

>> For optimal looking Advance Lightning and Material System in Viewer must be enable <<

This product was made with the mesh materials to improve quality on it.
So for better look you must use Mesh Material supported viewers as the official SL viewer. Until all the viewers release this update.


You as customer are just able to use the content of this box as part of your creations.
You can't give any content of the box as single product even without full permissions.
Any bad use of the content of this box will be reported to Linden Labs about TOS infringement.

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  • 100% Mesh
  • 2 Prim
  • Product made with new Mesh Maps


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