Donation Pedestal Version 1.0

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Donation Pedestal
This Donation Pedestal offers a very minimalistic and subtle option to receive donations at your region, club, store or other locations.

This is a full mesh design with the word “Donations” cut into the pedestal, with a subtle light ring at the base and an effect that plays at the top when someone donates.

Floating text is included for those that want to have a bit more to show, and if that is not enough, a second version is included with “Donations” as a rotating mesh word.

Please visit my store to see a demo of it.

- Minimalistic design.
- A subtle sound and light effect that plays when someone donates.
- Notifications will send you a message when someone donates. Option available to turn it on or off.
- Floating text shows the last person that donated and the total donations received. Option available to turn the text on or off.
- Color menu for the floating text and the effect.
- Second version with rotational mesh word.

- Rez it where you want and it is ready to go.
- Right click and touch it to get the options menu.

Custom color for the light effect:
If you want a custom color for the effect, change the color manually at the top of the pedestal and it will automatically adapt that as the effect’s color.

- As with all mesh, if you resize this, it might increase the land impact.
- The reset option will completely reset the pedestal.

Have any feature requests? Please send me an IM and I might just add it as a free update!



  • Minimalistic design
  • A subtle sound and light effect that plays when someone donates.
  • Notfications and text options
  • Color Menu


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