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The ER Pocket Game AO is a novelty typing-override AO (animation override). When you chat normally, instead of the typing gesture, your avatar will play a game! The ER Pocket Game AO is a loving recreation of a classic handheld gaming console. Equipped with 4 "Game Cartridges", you can easily choose which game graphics are displayed on the screen, and which game music is played.

The ER Pocket Game AO can also detect when you say "afk" or "brb" (as a single line of text), your avatar will begin playing the game, until you say something when you return.

No.. the games are not playable.

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Great Item

Publié le 2/5/2018 de Jude Longfall 5 étoiles

Love playing it when I type. I only wish there were more game options.

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Publié le 29/5/2016 de PintSizedPixel 5 étoiles

This is so awesome!! It fits my Toddleedoo avi hands perfect, slight adjustment I made but looks just like i'm holding & playing it! All the sound effects just make it even better!

It's a 10 in my book!!

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