[Elyn 2.0] Body&Classic Elyn Mod

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[Elyn] Body&Classic Elyn 2.0

▪Rigged Mesh Body
▪Rigged Mesh Neko Tail
▪Mesh Neko Ears
▪Rigged Mesh Head (Its not scripted!)
▪Rigged Mesh Sweater Outfit
▪Rigged Mesh Neko Socks
▪Rigged Mesh High Heels
▪Simple Glasses

✎This Item is Still In beta Meaning its going to be updated and changed.

✎Comes With FullPerm Texture Maps such as:
▪Ambient Occlusion Map
▪UV Map
▪It's Original Texture

This Avatar is small i suggest you to ✉IM me to clear any doubt. Buy at your own risk!



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It's as adorable as the first time I saw it

Publié le 21/5/2020 de Aeromia 4 étoiles

I love this avatar, I paired it with the frog set that is out and I'm in heaven. I've been reading the reviews and I really do hope that the talk of a bento and physics avatar update happening is real and still in progress. I'd -love- to be able to see my fingers move with my animations. That'd be the thing to bring it to the top, being able to truly shape the body. *crosses fingers*


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Cute, but...

Publié le 5/2/2020 de Alexandro Holgado 3 étoiles

- Allows for a shorter avatar without being a micro. You can be as tall as the shortest possible default body shape, or you can be the size of a prim. Depends entirely on your personal preferences.
- Fitted to some extent. This is a pro/con. As a pro: You can adjust your body size, make your shoulders wider/slimmer, make your hips wider/slimmer, etc. But you can't adjust things like chest size, saddlebags, etc. What you see in the advertisement is basically how you're going to look. As a con: you can't make yourself flat chested, so if you're a male and want to use this body, you're going to be a chesty male.
- Cute.

- No bento support. Hands have the static jazz hands appearance at all times.
- Needs more mapping. The hands can't be set to alpha, but the feet can, so while you can hide the feet in case you want to use something besides the default boots, you're stuck with the hands as they are. Additionally, the paw pads on the feet are linked to the same map on the hands, so if you set your paw pads to alpha, your hands are going to have huge holes in them. As such, if people look closely at your feet, they might see the paw pads beside your boots or whatever you choose to wear. I wouldn't mind having the paw pads separate from the hand paws for future modding.
- Does not include underwear. It's nice that it includes a pair of socks and a cute sweater, but if you're looking for modesty, you need to purchase a separate product, which kinda rubs me the wrong way.
- (Does not affect rating) Very little support on the market. I feel like if you're going to get this avatar and you want to have a unique / personalized look, you almost definitely need to have experience with modding your avatar. There aren't a lot of outfits or skins on the market, so you need to find ways to make it work for yourself until more support is made available. This is not the creator's fault, so it won't be held against them; it's just something worth noting.

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