Equestria's Pride Pony Avatar Version 1.3

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The noble ponyfolk are truly the pride of Equestria, and this avatar is my tribute to them. I really hope they manage to bring a little more happiness to our metaverse!

The pony avatar comes with both genders. It is controlled via two HUDs, one which controls expressions and the other which is useful for color-tinting and applying "cutie-mark" textures.

Speaking of expressions, the HUD will allow you to switch between 8 different eye expressions, 10 different mouth expressions and a variety of other things like ear position, blush, and eye movement. All avatar functions can be controlled via chat commands, so gestures or scripts can be created to change expressions as well.

A full quadruped AO is included, with six stands, four walks, two sits, and two crouch-walking animations. The ZHAO II based AO also covers flight, turning, running, jumping, and face-planting.

The extras box also contains a mod kit, which includes a link to assets such as a PSD template for custom eyelid (expression) creation, the "zero" stand pose .bvh file for animators, and an eyeball PSD template for those who want custom-colored eyes. The avatar was made with modification in mind.

Three mane/tail sets are included to help start you off with your pony character, one for fillies, one for colts, and one that looks good on either.


For an unknown period of time in December 2017 - January 2018, the listing for this avatar was removed due to what appears to be a bug with the marketplace listing inventory system. I have fixed the error, and the avatar should be available for sale again. Making matters worse was the coincidence that I happened to be in the middle of moving, and did not notice the issue in a timely manner. I apologize profusely for any confusion or inconvenience.



  • Eight Eye Expressions
  • Ten Mouth Expressions
  • Sculpt-Animated Talking Jaw & Flapping Wings
  • Full AO
  • Extensive Mod Kit

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Publié le 24/3/2019 de Alma Draegonne 5 étoiles

I really loved it, it is adorable and highly customizable, have you thought about a BENTO version? It would be great to have one, I have seen some other avatars of this type that are BENTO and I think that if it were used with this it would be insuperable XDD, I hope you do it !!!
Thank you for this preciousness, I am very happy ;)

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Best pony

Publié le 1/3/2019 de Desudesudesuka 5 étoiles

Likely always will be. This nets an easy 5/5 stars for being highly customizable and a joy to wear. The only thing it could use is an update to use mesh parts instead of sculpted prims (not necessarily rigged), but it does work and you'll hardly notice the prim construction with it being fullbright and having an outline shell. The animations for the body are good and the head is the most on-model and just prettiest pony head available.

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