[ FULL PERM ] Wrapping cloth & long stick

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- This product is a renewal of the previous product.
If you have already purchased the products in the links below, please send a note card in Second Life.


I will send you this renewed product as soon as possible.


(wear) wrapping cloth & long stick

each parts:
1 wrapping cloth / 1 LI
1 long stick / 1 LI

3 cloth texture
1 long stick texture

each ao & uv map include

- animation & script is copy & transfer only


*** Thank you for following the rules below.

I create many full permission products for vendors.
Please follow the rules below when reselling my products.
If you purchased this product, you agree to the following rules.

- Do NOT use my advertising image when resell. You must use the advertising image your own created.

- Do NOT resell this product or part of it as it is or with no changes.
When reselling, you must use this product as part of your object.
For example, link with your own objects, use animations, change textures, etc.
(Do not resell this product as a standalone without any changes.)

- Do NOT resell as full permission. You have to set the following permissions to my object.
- Modify / Copy / No Transfer
- Modify / No Copy / Transfer
- No Modify / Copy / No Transfer
- No Modify / No Copy / Transfer

- DO NOT resell in 0 Linden
- DO NOT share with other avatars.

*If you use it for hunt or gift, use must your own texture.
*My mesh object can be used in Second Life only.
*If you have any questions please contact me with a Note Card.
* Please note the latest sales terms and conditions mentioned above are applicable to all my items including ones sold in the past.

Any violation of these terms of use may be reported to the DMCA.

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