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FUNSIES, since 2007!

FUNSIES Armoire Advanced Clothing System™ is the most innovative, Patent Pending, design for dressing your child. Clothing is purchased and immediately sent to your Armoire in a seamless transaction. There are no boxes to lose, no inventory pile-ups. You can never lose the clothing in your Armoire, though you may, if you desire, hide or delete clothing. Hidden clothing may be unhidden. Imagine hiding winter clothes in spring, much like you would store it away in real life. Once winter comes, you "”unhide” it and are able to see the clothing to dress your child. During the warm months it’s not in your way to “clutter the closet.”

Taste change? Styles change? Or maybe that color you used to love just isn’t your favorite anymore? It’s time to clean the closet! You can permanently delete those items you’re sure you’ve outgrown the love for... FUNSIES Armoire Advanced Clothing System™, just another awesome innovation from Second Life’s Baby Makers™.

♥ Search by clothing name

♥ Search by Boy, Girl or Unisex

♥ All clothing in one location

♥ All skin tones

♥ Copiable

♥ Share with a partner (change every 30 days)

and much more! Visit FUNSIES Babies! We're so unique, we're Patent Pending! Our babies can be transferred but never stolen, shared parenting, and much more!

Also available in a portable hud!

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The best ever Product and People

Publié le 3/10/2021 de Shelbyluv89 5 étoiles

Funsies is amazing.. not only is the animesh babies the cutiest i ever seen but the other products you use for them are fantastic... The people the own Funsies and produce these adorable babies are so kind and take time out of their day to answer specific questions that you IM them personally. I have even had them IM me out of the blue to say if i ever need help to reach out to them... Then you have the people that monitor the group chat... and let me tell ya.. they are the sweetest, kindest, most patient people around.. and the group members who pitch in and help out when you ask for help are the absolute most amazing people. And let me tell ya about the ones that make the mesh clothing.. wow.. i had an actual designer come to their store to help me out personally and give me hints on what to do... I will be recommending Funsies to everyone i know who is either pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant... thanks Funsies for making my first time experience with babies, yes babies, twins, the best ever!!

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