Face Shape Guide Tool Version v1.2

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This tool is a guide to assist you in creating a face shape.

It isn’t easy to use it CORRECTLY. Read all this description before purchasing
IMPORTANT: Remove any attachments that may get in front of the face/Guide. Use Ctrl-Alt-T to check

PURPOSE: This is only a guide. It is intended to assist. It does NOT make shapes

All human faces basically conform to these proportions. The farther a face deviates from these Leonardo-idealized proportions the less pleasing we find it. Beauty is in the combination of various features and how they diverge and conform to these ideals

Have fun with the guide. Let it ‘help’ and avoid being limited by it

Camera’s Default View
SL Viewers use a 50mm lens to render the world. That isn’t ideal for this task

It is possible to use the SL Viewer’s default camera and settings with this guide

Camera’s Custom View
To understand the SL Viewer’s camera use Ctrl-8, 9, and 0 to change the camera lens. The distortion you see using Ctrl-8 and zooming in close to the face is somewhat present with the default camera.

You will have a better time if you remove the wide-ish-angle lens distortion present in the default camera view. While the Guide can be used with the viewer’s default camera settings, doing so can be frustrating.

I recommend you open Preferences (Ctrl-P)->Move & View (Tab)->View (Tab) find Automatically pose avatar during… and disable Appearance. This changes how the camera behaves when you edit Shape. You can change it back later.

Guide: ADD
ADD the guide. It attaches to the skull and is designed to work attached there. It is possible to use it on other attachment points. However, you will then need to manually position it.

Remove any face-lights or attachments in front of the face

You will need a pose stand or something to immobilize the avatar while you position the camera and adjust the Guide

Once adjusted you’re ready to enter Edit Shape. You really need to have disabled Automatically pose… see above. Then right-click the avatar and select Edit Shape

Default – Not Recommended
For the default view, look for the red spot on the Guide’s nose. Alt-Left-Click and hold on it to zoom in on the face. Zoom in as close as you can and notice the red cylinder has a green end. Align your camera so the green has a red ring around it. Center the green part in the red to get the best camera alignment

Once centered zoom out or in to fit the Guide’s outline to the face. Check that the green remains centered in the red.

Now if you just want to use the default camera you can skip to Using the Controls.

Custom - Recommended
For a custom view, Alt-left-click the avatar face on the Guide and move your camera to look at the face from a distance. Maybe 5 to 10m away

Press Ctrl-0 at least five times, more is better. Experiment to find how many presses work for you. Fill the screen with the avatar face and Guide. Make fine adjustments using your mouse wheel

Looking at the face, notice the red cylinder in the middle passing through the head. Adjust the camera so that the cylinder end is seen as a green circle ringed by red. This indicates the camera, head, and Face Tool are aligned

Make sure the green part stays centered within the red as you work

Watch the video to see how I use the guide

Using the Controls
There are controls for; Scale, Position, RESET, and Color. There is also INCREMENT

Scale makes the guide larger or smaller. The Increment control sets how much bigger or smaller per click

Position moves the guide up, down, left, and right. Again, how much is controlled by the Increment control. There is only one ‘Increment’ setting and it is used for Scale and Position

Color is controlled by the buttons labeled Black and White. This gives you a dark and a light guide

When the Increment Control reaches its minimum setting a bell will ring. The minimum is 0.0002m.

There is a RESET control. Use it to return the Guide to the default settings of size, and position. It does NOT reset Transparency nor Full Bright. It doesn’t work well if you changed the attachment point

Use the controls to fit the guide to the face. Then use the viewer’s Edit Shape (right-click avatar) settings to adjust the face

Fit the Guide’s outline to the face. Position the Guide so its eyes and the avatar eyes are vertically aligned

Advanced Control
The Guide is Mod-OK. It may show as No-Mod because the included script is No-Mod.

Use the viewer’s Build Tools to change the Guide. You can change Transparency and Bright. I don’t recommend changing rotation, position, or size. But the Guide should still work if you do.

Use the RESET button to recover from a mistake. Default values are built in for the Skull attachment point

Make a copy of the Guide before you use it. Use the new copy for your shape work. Save the original as a backup. You can get a new tool delivered by visiting the SL Marketplace

Nalates Urriah - July 2020

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  • Usable with Classic and Mesh Heads
  • For Lite and Dark Skin
  • Tutorial available - video
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOwxH7-WMY4


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