Irish Crann Forest Patch

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CELTIC MYST •*•.mAgIcK Deco•*• - est 2006

Cottages, Forest & Decor Items From the Mystical Dark Ages.
Low prim, highly detailed and modify.


•*• Irish Crann has a medieval character, since it's one of the oldest Celtic Trees.
Medieval villages and settlements were often found in and around Crann Forests.

The Forest includes:

● Forest Base: Trees, Shrubs, Flowers, Shamrock Tendrils, Ground

-The base is linked as one item and comes with easy resize menu, and individual bright and glow control on trees, shrubs, etc.

(You can unlink to re-arrange, but some knowledge about unlink- and re-linking parts is recommended.)

-The Ground can be set to transparent, if you want to integrate the Forest with your sim terrain.

The menu is one script only, and can be deleted.

.● Forest Accessory:

-Extra tree group, to fill in the open space if you like
-Grass patch
-Petal patch
-Tree Roots
-Tree Log
-Light Ray
-Irish Cross (old stone cross)

These Extra Items comes separated (not linked to the Forest). You can copy/place them individual.

The forest takes a surface of ca. 45x45m.
Can be resized smaller or larger (up to ca 60x60m, without increase LI)

Forest accessory increase LI when stretched larger.

The forest is set to phantom, to make it able to walk trough. Place on flat sim terrain or prim floor.

If you have terrain permission on your sim, you can create the most realistic effects by adjusting the terrain around the forest.

Permission: Mod&Copy

LI: Forest base 21
with accessory items, all together ca 30LI

Free Temp workplatform included, when you want to place the forest in the sky. Moves up to 300 mtrs and rezz there.

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(purchases Inworld are commision-free = 15L$ off price when you buy Inworld)


※Store Info:
please read the FAQ, Inworld (Info Vendor Main Store).

Thank you for your interest,

Keira Blackthorne,
CELTIC MYST •*•.mAgIcK Deco•*• - est 2006

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Publié le 13/1/2019 de PiaCrofti 5 étoiles

Great job it´s looks realistic

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Wonderfully made

Publié le 8/1/2019 de Lilitu Felwitch 5 étoiles

This is just awesome, thank you for making it!!!!

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CELTIC MYST *•..mAgIcK Designs..•* since 2006
CELTIC MYST *•..mAgIcK Designs..•* since 2006
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Vendu par : Keira Blackthorne
Terrain requis

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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