French Kiss [HUD] - Get Control with a Fatal Kiss ! Version 2.0

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Give a fatal French Kiss to someone and take total control !


Get animation & control rights over avatars with a simple - but fatal - kiss, and have fun playing with them !
Once the selected avatar grant animation permission, the kiss will occur, and you'll be able to animate them in different ways until you/they decide to release animations and controls.
You can of course also use it as a classical kiss/hug HUD :)


Simply right click the object "French Kiss HUD" in your inventory and choose "Add" to wear the HUD at its default position, or select "Attach to HUD" to wear it at the desired HUD location of your choice.


Click the "Options" button to access the HUD options/settings

▶ HUD Name
Allow you to change the HUD name, enter your desired name in the text-box and valid.

▶ RequestMess
Allow you to change the request message sent to the selected avatar, to invite her/him to kiss you.

▶ KissMess
Allow you to change the message displayed in the local chat when you kiss the selected avatar.

▶ MyGender
Allow you to set your gender, and switch the kiss animation to Male to Female or Female to Male. Simply select your gender.


Click the "Reset" button to reset your HUD, by resetting the HUD you loose permissions if you get them from someone.
Reset your HUD to be able to kiss and get permissions from an other avatar.
While the HUD is copy, to keep permissions from different avatars, simply copy and paste the HUD in your inventory, then wear a copy and reset it.


Click the mouth (kiss) and select a person close to you, this will have for effect to send an invite to the avatar.
Once the avatar accept your request, you will kiss him/her and get permissions. When permission granted, the avatar name will be displayed on the HUD. Then, click again the mouth which will show "Anim" instead of "Kiss" over it to access the animations menu. In this menu, the "block" option, once selected, will make the avatar unable to move.
You can add your own animations to the HUD, simply drop them in the HUD from your inventory. You can add hundreds of animations in your HUD.


To avoid abuse or griefing, the kissed persons will be advised that they can release controls and animations prior to grant permissions by typing "/1releasekiss" in local chat anytime.


If you have questions, experience delivery issues, or want a demonstration of the product, please contact Taisha Emerald in-world or start a live chat at

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  • - A fatal french kiss
  • - Give you control/animation rights over the kissed avatar
  • - Unlimited animations
  • - Customizable options
  • - Unisex

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Nice Buy, Worth it and good price.

Publié le 14/2/2013 de Novento Cascarino 5 étoiles

I just bought this a few minutes ago to try it out and I have to say its worth it and very nicely priced.
The layout is really cute and overall is really easy to use and lots of fun, Epic Purchase.

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Very Cool!

Publié le 14/2/2013 de Nicholai Fallen 5 étoiles

Great fun for Valentine's Day and any other for that matter. Thnaks!

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