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Granny's Sea Food Boil was made for Everyone that loves a good meal. But especially for those SEAFOOD LOVERS!. You will find a mixture of many delectable & savory foods that can be shared from one bowl or if you need your own bowl of. Jumbo Prawns (Shrimp) Large Scallops, Large Mussel, Crab Cluster, King Crab Legs. Corn, Boiled Eggs, Potatoes & Lobster Tail, Cooked in the best creole herds & spices with the freshest vegetables, Accompanying tender delights are 3 flavorful sauces ( Garlic Butter, SMACKALICIOUS Sauce, & Granny Grub's Dippin Dill Sauce. And I didn’t forget that Lemon Rain Garnish **** IT'S SEAFOOD TIME *****

*Thank you Dear Heart for choosing & supporting Granny Grubs*

############### INFO #################
` ~ SeaFood platter ( just for decor )
~ Crock Pot w/ on & off top ( for decor )
~ Each Season, when clicked, have there own lil saying that appears in local
~ Each Dip & the Lemon can be clicked for use
~ To use your Seafood Bowl, simply rez it on a table or counter of your choice. Then touch on the item you want to eat. It will ask if it can attach to you ( Temporally ) click yes and it will to your left hand. After a few bits, it will disappear. The bowl has a " REFILL " If you haven’t had enough or just for the next use.



  • Food
  • Animated
  • RP
  • Fun

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Granny is DOPE!

Publié le 27/7/2020 de cocoareal 5 étoiles

I love that you can actually eat it and see that you've cleaned your plate... and the fact that smack sauce was included... BOMB. ♥ No complaints at all!

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Publié le 22/4/2020 de IrisVLion 5 étoiles

Absolutely love seafood and this is the perfectly displayed. I love that you can click the food and actually eat and it actually taken from the plate. Excellent work HIGHLY recommend to anyone. The only down side is each bowl is 20 prims each so its not something you would keep out all the time. The platter is 23 prims. So have your special dinner with family and friends then pack it up. lol Its definitely worth the buy. I hope you all enjoy it as much as me and my family. ♥♥♥♥♥

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