GSX - RpG System / Combat Meter

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The GSX "Game System X" is a fantasy combat/role playing system that mantain the player's configuration (levels, stats, class, skills, xp) in every sim.

No need sim configuration, low lag and very easy to use.

There are three kinds of combact modality:

Full mode - all features are enabled
Levelled mode - (for levelled duels or tournaments) temporary switch to level 0 with default stats, personal cure only, no Classes, yes ranking, fast wounded
Training mode - you preserve your level, stats and skills, no Gold Xp gained or lost, no ranking, no wounded

You can also fight in groups-battles and lands-wars.

Besides "heal self" and the "basic skill" you can use other 5 skills among the skills you have (you can store up to 20).
Skills to use in game must be chosen and setted from your char-web-page.

Interactive dice is inspired to traditional RPG, you can use them to solve game situations without using weapons or to trust the result of a dispute to the fate.

You can also gain/lose Gold Xp interacting with other players or interactive objects and using the PAY SYSTEM.

Levels compensation, Merits partition, Wounded protection, Anti farming.

Personal webpages to menage the growing of the chararcter depends only on the ability of the player.

Box content:

Meter and Hud
Sword, Shield and Bow
GSX API Scripts
Group and Land Manager



  • Roleplay system / combat meter
  • Low lag
  • Very easy to use


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