Larsson Conversational Pumpkin (Boxed) Version 1.0

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Happy Halloween SL Friends!

So, just because Halloween is my favorite holiday and scripting is my favorite fun thing to do, I created an object that will doubtless pass the Turing Test. Indeed, this is not such an insurmountable task as the artificial intelligence "experts" might maintain.

Anyway, you can chat with the pumpkin and have an interesting conversation. Actually, it is well known that pumpkins cannot talk, so his friend the skeleton serves as his "interlocutor."

As with any conversation, begin with a cheery "hello" - or salut or ciao or hola or etc - and go from there.

The skeleton is by nature happy go lucky and so his observations and questions are punctuated with a lot of laughter. About 20 different laughs accompany his various retorts to your questions and comments as you converse with him. All your friends or fellow club goers will also find him a surprising conversationalist.

Place him nearby in your home or club or store or whatever and as you talk about Halloween topics he will listen into to the conversation and chime in when the comments interest him. After all, his motto is "These bones were made for talking."

Touch the pumpkin and the skeleton will say hello and begin the conversation with a greeting and question for you, or just say hello and take it from there. When you touch the pumpkin a smoking orb will appear in the left hand of the skeleton.

So, by now, you have gathered that the Conversational Pumpkin is a genuine "scream."

Have fun this Halloween and stay safe,


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  • Responds to Halloween related comments and questions in chat
  • 20 different laughs punctuate the comments
  • Touch skeleton for smokey orb held in his hand
  • Red glowing eyes in skeleton
  • Orange glowing eyes and nose and smile in pumpkin


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