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One of a set of 4 mesh Oak trees I'm releasing. Hecate's Oak stands proudly at approx. 24x26x17m. It comes supplied with a season change HUD to allow you to toggle between Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This also changes the base texture. The tree is fully materials enabled for extra realism. It has a realistic silhouette that looks amazing from all angles.

Permissions are:

Object: Copy/Mod/No Trans

Scripts: Copy/No Mod/No Trans

There's a video link below from a machinima my friend made using my trees.

About Cube Republic:

All meshes and textures are handcrafted to the highest standard to produce the best botanical and landscaping art available in Second Life™

To see the item in-world please use the link below:

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  • 100% Mesh
  • Custom LOD
  • Custom textures
  • Season Change HUD
  • Materials Ready

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Top Notch.

Publié le 1/6/2018 de VincentAntony Renierd 5 étoiles

The textures might be *slightly* lower resolution (I honestly can't tell, I'm on ultra graphics and it looks fine) but to be honest this is the nicest tree I've bought so far.

Realistic (as far as second life meshes go), the creator of this was lovely enough to slap normal and specular maps on it. Normals and specs on a tree! It's beautiful! The work done on the speculars is soft enough that it honestly looks like the bark on the tree is slightly damp after a light rain or with dew from the morning. I appreciate the softer textures. The alpha mask texture branches are also done so well I couldn't even tell at first that they weren't 3D meshes.

I'm pleased to find that I could make it fit over my house damn near perfectly with minimal resizing and moving around. It's a great shade-tree and I'm totally gunna add a swing.

Over-all, I'm really happy with this purchase. Thanks!

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looks like crap

Publié le 28/8/2017 de Achieve Mint 1 étoile

very poor textures

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The Cube Republic - The art of nature
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