Hidden Phantom Door with Access List

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Tired of everyone being able to come through your door? Wish you could only let certain people have access to the door, but still have it hidden?? The Hidden Phantom Door is great for hidden doors you only want certain people to access. It only works on "Collision", when an avatar on the list runs into the prim containing this script. The door will welcome Avatars on the list with an Instant Message. It is sent via IM instead of through Local Chat to keep the door a "secret"!! Other doors cost $500 L and UP!! No "Touch" button means this door REMAINS hidden!! Choose Lastat Productions for a quality product at a quality PRICE!!

* Access List means only the people YOU want can use the door
* Door turns phantom!
* No "Touch" Button, The door KEEPS hidden!
* Welcomes allowed Users with an IM
* NO Local Chat messages to keep the door a "secret"!
* Perfect for private meeting places or parties!

==>To View Detailed Information, Please Visit: http://www.lastatproductions.com/

**If you have purchased this product, PLEASE review it!! Lastat Productions creates AND updates products with YOU in mind!! Thank You!!**



  • Phantom on Collision
  • Notecard Access List
  • Welcomes Allowed Users With IM

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Publié le 8/3/2015 de Belladonna Frostwych 5 étoiles

The script is great and the creator was excellent with customer service. He responded to my question quickly and was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this if you are in need of a door for secret spaces. :)

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Publié le 9/1/2015 de JoFCUK 2 étoiles

I added my self to the NC, it let me through no problem, I took my name off the NC, I could still walk through, I reset the scripts, I could still walk through, I even tried tp'ing away and back, and yet I could still walk through, so how do you remove avatars from this list? My name is no longer on it but I can still enter...

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